Dorien Grey

The Butcher's Son     

The first of the Dick Hardesty mysteries.

     GLB Publishers  2001

The Ninth Man     

Dick Hardesty on the trail of a serial killer.

     GLB Publishers  2001

The Bar Watcher     

Dick's tracking another serial killer here, this one going after gay men who have acted inappropriately in public.

     GLB Publishers  2001      

The Hired Man     

Gay PI Dick Hardesty is hired by the owners of a gay/bi escort service when a client is murdered.

     GLB Publishers  2002      

The Good Cop     

Dick investigates the murder of a gay police officer.

     GLB Publishers  2002      

The Dirt Peddler     

Another in the Dick Hardesty series.

     GLB Publishers  2003      

The Role Players     

Dick and his lover Jonathan head to New York on vacation, where a theater actor is murdered.

     GLB Publishers  2004      

The Popsicle Tree     

Dick and Jonathan are raising Jonathan's nephew as Dick investigates the murder of a neighbor.

     GLB Publishers  2005      

The Bottle Ghosts     

Dick investigates the disappearance of gay alcoholics.

     GLB Publishers  2005      

The Paper Mirror      

Dick investigates a death at a collection of gay literature.

     GLB Publishers  2005     
The Dream Ender     

Dick's case takes him back to the origins of the AIDS crisis.

     Zumaya  2007     

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