Greg Herren

Murder in the Rue Dauphine

         Alyson Books 2002

Chanse McLeod is a former New Orleans cop, now a private investigator, in Greg's debut mystery. Lots of New Orleans atmosphere and great plotting. A good mystery.

Murder in the Rue St. Ann

         Alyson Books 2004

The return of New Orleans private eye Chanse McLeod. I found the characters engaging and kept turning the pages to see what happened. I read this upon returning from a trip to the Big Easy, so I appreciated the New Orleans atmosphere, which was right on target.

Murder in the Rue Chartres

         Alyson Books 2007

Like many people, I think this is Greg's best book to date, and it won the Lambda Award for 2007. It begins just before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, and the aftermath of that storm provides a powerful background to this tale. Chanse investigates the death of a woman from a prestigious New Orleans family, but the case takes him back many years to a seminal incident in New Orleans gay life.

I thought the ending was a little contrived, but in general I really enjoyed this book.

Murder in the Rue Ursulines

         Alyson Books 2008

I'm looking forward to Greg's newest book, in which former New Orleans cop Chanse McLeod, now a private eye involved in a high profile case involving a golden couple of Hollywood who have committed themselves to helping New Orleans recover.

Bourbon Street Blues

         Kensington Books 2003

Greg's second series features go-go boy Scotty Bradley in his debut as an investigator. A great cast of secondary characters (his brother and sister are Storm and Rain; his parents are unreformed hippies, his landladies are a pair of lesbians who have known him all his life. Funny and sexy!

Jackson Square Jazz

         Kensington Books 2004

Scotty returns, working toward his PI license by investigating cases for his attorney brother Storm. A championship ice skater who briefly visited Scotty's bed turns up dead, and Herren turns up the trouble for Scotty.

Mardi Gras Mambo

         Kensington Books 2006

This third in the Scotty series finds him established as a PI but under suspicion when his Russian drug connection is murdered.

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