Fred Hunter

Government Gay      

This is a lightweight, light-hearted book about a gay man who gets involved with the CIA after he is seen talking with a Russian defector at a gay bar in Chicago. Alex Reynolds lives with his lover, Peter, and his British-born mother, and the two of them act as his sidekicks, along with his mother's ex-boyfriend, a local police captain. While I liked the book, it had too many coincidences and I didn't believe for a second that Alex would continue to involve himself in the cloak-and-dagger stuff. But if you can overlook that, you might enjoy this one.

         St. Martin's 1997 (hardcover)    St. Martin's 1998 (paper)

Federal Fag      

         St. Martin's 1998 (hardcover)    St. Martin's 1999 (paper)

Another lightweight entry from Fred Hunter, featuring the further adventures of Alex Reynolds, who is again called upon to spy for the CIA, this time investigating the murder of a former lover turned porn star.    

Capital Queers       

The third Alex Reynolds mystery. I haven't read it yet,but this one involves the death of friends and the State Department.

         St. Martin's 1999 (hardcover)         St. Martin's 2000 (paper)

National Nancys      

The fourth Alex Reynolds mystery. I can't keep up with this guy! Alex gets involved in a political campaign in this one, putting him and his lover Peter in danger. And when is Hunter going to run out of nicknames?

         St. Martin's 2000 (hardcover)         

The Chicken Asylum      

The fifth Alex Reynolds mystery, concerning a young Iraqi terrorist defector.

         Griffin 2002 (trade paperback)         

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