Grant Michaels

A Body to Dye For        

The first in this series featuring gay hairdresser (if that term isn't redundant) Stan Kraychik. Stan gave up on a career in psychology to dispense advice over a shampoo and set, and in this light-hearted effort he tracks down the killer of a gay National Park ranger who's vacationing in Boston. The effort leads him to Yosemite, and, of course, into danger. It was a fun read, and the police detective Stan clashes with sounds awfully hunky.

         St. Martin's 1990         St. Martin's 1991

Love You to Death        

Stan Kraychik is back, investigating a murder involving a chocolate company. Lots of murder, some vaguely improbable detecting, and more of Lieutenant Vito Branco. Stan, get out of the way and let Vito shine!

          St. Martin's 1992         St. Martin's 1993

Dead on Your Feet        

Stan's in love with Rafik, whom he met in Love You to Death, and so he gets involved in the politics of Rafik's dance company. When the ballet's impresario is murdered, suspicion falls on Rafik, and Stan sets out to clear his name. There are a host of suspects and lots of insider ballet info. Like all the others in the series it's a little improbable but a light, fun read.

          St. Martin's 1993          St. Martin's 1994

Mask for a Diva        

In Michaels' fourth Stan Kraychik mystery, Stan goes out to a Boston suburb to style wigs for an opera, and gets involved in murder. Finally Lieutenant Branco makes him a kind of honorary deputy, giving him the right to poke his nose into the murders, but there's still a lot of awkwardness. The best character is Vito Branco, who seems to be slowly but surely moving through a coming out process as the books progress.

          St. Martin's 1994          St. Martin's 1995

Time to Check Out        

Stan goes to Key West, and gets caught up in the murder of a guesthouse landlady. It seems that her late son owned a lot of property around town, and he left individual pieces to various friends. His mother contested the will, though, so there are many suspects. The Key West details are all very well done, so even though the mystery is a little formulaic the book is a good read.

         St. Martin's 1996

Dead as a Doornail        

I haven't read this one yet, but I want to see Vito again! Stan buys a run-down brownstone in Boston's South End, and with the help of Tim Shaughnessy, a contractor who bears Stan a striking resemblance, he begins the renovations. Then Tim is killed, and, as is typical in a Michaels mystery, there's a whole host of characters who could have done it.

         St. Martin's 1998


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