Orland Outland

Death Wore a Smart Little Outfit

     Berkley  1997      

In Death Wore a Smart Little Outfit, Doan and Binky are two unlikely friends who catch a murderer, and get into many funny predicaments doing it. Set in San Francisco.

Death Wore a Fabulous New Fragrance

     Prime Crime  1998      

Doan and Binky open a detective agency in San Francisco in Death Wore a Fabulous New Fragrance, second in the series.

Death Wore The Emperor's New Clothes

     Berkley  1999      

Doan and Binky move to New York City in Death Wore the Emperor's New Clothes. By all accounts, a smart, funny series, though I haven't read it. I did like Outland's Every Man for Himself, which I thought was a clever romantic comedy.

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