Lev Raphael

Let's Get Criminal

On the jacket for this first mystery by Lambda award winner Raphael, Faye Kellerman calls it "literate, witty" and "a delightful romp." I'm always in the mood for a delightful romp, and I liked this one. Nick Hoffman teaches composition at the State University of Michigan in the capitol, Michiganoloplis, where he lives with his lover, noted writer (and fellow professor) Stefan Borowksi. Trouble begins when Perry Cross, an old lover of Stefan's, comes to SUM and shares an office with Nick. The relationship between Nick and Stefan is particularly strong, and very sweet. I'm looking forward to future exploits.

                  St. Martin's 1997         

The Edith Wharton Murders

Here's Raphael's second in the series featuring his detective, Nick Hoffman, an untenured English professor at the State University of Michigan. This is a character I must love, as I am too, an untenured English professor.

                  St. Martin's 1997       St. Martin's 1999        

Death of A Constant Lover

Another academic mystery from the prolific Raphael; this one involves the death of a student.

                  St. Martin's 1999       St. Martin's 2000         

Little Miss Evil

Nick's career is going up, while his partner's is going down... the saga continues. The death of a controversial feminist author in the English department causes trouble.

                  St. Martin's 2000        

Burning Down the House

Sexual and academic tensions grow at the State University of Michigan, as untenured English professor Nick Hoffman helps a fellow professor find out who's been harassing her.

                  Walker & Company 2001        

Tropic of Murder

Nick and Stefan slip away from trouble in Michigan to what's supposed to be a carefree idyll at a Caribbean resort. "Mouth-watering descriptions" and "ratcheting tension" ensues.

                  Perseverance Press 2004        

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