Christopher Rice
Blind Fall

Rice tackles "don't ask, don't tell" in this new mystery investigating the death of a gay Marine.

          Scribner's 2008                  

Light Before Day

         Miramax Books 2005                  

Gay journalist Adam Murphy investigates the disappearance of an ex-lover, discovering that three other gay men have mysteriously vanished from West Hollywood in the past.

The Snow Garden

          Miramax Books 2003                  

Another gothic from Rice, this one centered around a pansexual group of college students.

A Density of Souls

A Density of Souls

         Talk Miramax 2000                  

Although I haven't read this book yet, from all the reviews it sounds more like a standard coming-of-age novel, admittedly with a lush, New Orleans background, than a murder mystery. But it was nominated for a Lambda Award in the gay mystery category, so I've included it here.

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