Phillip Scott

There are possibly two more by this Aussie author, Get Over It and It's About Your Friend, but I can't find enough information yet to verify.

One Dead Diva     

Sydney-based Marc is a 50-ish opera queen, and his friend Paul a 20-something circuit boy. Together they investigate the death of a rising opera star who may have been pushed off a cliff.

     Alyson Books  2002      

Gay Resort Murder Shock     

Friends and amateur gay sleuths Marc and Paul are working at a resort off the coast of Queensland when the owner, a friend of Marc's, is murdered.

     Alyson Books  2003      

Mardi Gras Murders     

This is the first of Scott's books I've read, and I enjoyed it. Marc is asked to teach an adult education course after the original lecturer is killed in what might be a gay hate crime, and out of guilt and curiosity he does some brief investigation.

Then Paul becomes a minor media star, and Marc signs on as his personal assistant/minder. When another gay man is murdered, this dynamic duo undertake their investigations in earnest. I enjoyed the Australian background and found the two sleuths to be fun and believable.

     Alyson Books  2005      

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