Scott Sherman

First You Fall

I just finished FIRST YOU FALL, a first mystery by Scott Sherman, and I have to agree with JA Konrath's blurb, "Scott Sherman may be the gay Janet Evanovich." The book was a hoot, particularly in the interaction between the hero and his mother. It's also a solid mystery.

Kevin Connor is small, blond and cute, attributes which serve him well as an on-call prostitute. I love the careful way in which his physical attributes work into the story-- he has learned to defend himself because he looks vulnerable, and we learn about his self-defense training and the fact that he carries Mace with him-- all of which are necessary, both for his work and his sleuthing.

Kevin has befriended a successful, older man who treats him like a son, and when this friend's death is ruled a suicide, Kevin is determined to prove the police wrong. He turns out to be a resourceful, determined sleuth, and I hope we'll see more of him in the future.

     Alyson Books   2008            

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