Caro Soles

Drag Queen in the Court of Death

1964 was a wild year for Michael Dunn-Barton, the hero of Caro Solesí new mystery novel, Drag Queen in the Court of Death. Married, in his early twenties, he fell in love with Ronnie Lipinsky, one of his high school students. Their affair ended dramatically, and Michael left Toronto for twenty years.

Drag Queen begins as Michael, now the executor of Ronnieís estate, makes a gruesome discovery: a mummified body jammed into a trunk in his former loverís apartment. Trying first to discover the bodyís identity, and then to understand who Ronnie really was, plunges the always-reserved Michael back into the past.

Quirky characters, an intriguing mystery, and a look back at the world of draft dodgers and gay neophytes in 1960s Toronto make Drag Queen both a page-turner and a sensitive look at the way gay men recreate themselves, with stories or the magic of a little makeup and a killer dress.

     Haworth Press   2007            

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