David Stukas

Someone Killed His Boyfriend     

Handsome, gorgeous Michael is about to be married to the fabulous Max-- when Max disappears as the wedding guests arrive. It's up to Max, and his friends Robert and Monette, to figure out what's up. This was a quick, fun read-- perfect for the beach.

     Kensington  2002

Going Down for the Count     

The long-suffering Robert finally falls in love-- with a German count, who spirits him off to Europe and then ends up with a knife in his back. It's up to the trio of Robert, Michael and the imposing lesbian Monette to figure out whodunit.

     Kensington  2003

Biceps of Death     

Robert, Michael and Monette are back in New York, investigating a series of murders with a pharmaceutical connection.

     Kensington  2004

Wearing Black to the White Party     

The three friends head to the White Party in Palm Springs, where their host suffers an untimely end. Fortunately, the slueths are on hand!

     Kensington  2004

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