John Morgan Wilson

Simple Justice        

This book won an Edgar as best first novel of 1996, and the award was well-deserved. It's well-written and affecting, with a tortured hero who finds a measure of personal redemption in solving the mystery. Benjamin Justice was a hot-shot investigative reporter, but when it was discovered that he had faked his Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial series, he lost the prize, his job and his self-respect. Now the editor who took the fall with him comes to him for a favor-- do some research, teach what you know to a new hotshot. The possibility for resurrection appears. It's a good read.

          Doubleday 1996         Bantam  1997

Revision of Justice        

A terrific follow-up to Wilson's first novel. Benjamin Justice is beginning to get back on his feet as he helps Alex Templeton research a story on Hollywood. Lots of interesting background, and a great insight into Justice's tortured personality. Wilson also writes strongly and passionately about gay sex. I loved this book!

          Doubleday 1997          1999 Bantam

Justice at Risk        

Benjamin Justice is back, writing for a PBS series on AIDS. As usual, death is not far away.

          Doubleday 1999         Bantam 2000

The Limits of Justice        

Justice is asked to ghost-write an expose of a tabloid writer who has claimed that a late Hollywood heartthrob was a sexual predator. In the process, he uncovers a group of wealthy pedophiles.

          Doubleday 2000         

Blind Eye         

In this installment, Wilson mines the headlines for a story about Catholic priests and pedophilia. I admire Wilson tremendously because he's willing to show you the ugly side of his hero, and have awful things happen to him. When I finished this book, my first reaction was "Wow!"

          St. Martin's Minotaur 2003

Moth and Flame         

This is the most subdued of the Justice mysteries; Benjamin is on Prozac, recovering from the trauma he went through in Blind Eye, and so the book just didn't have the impact the others had, until very late in the game, when he dumps his Prozac down the toilet and gets more in touch with his feelings. Still a great book and highly recommended, though in my opinion not as strong as the five that preceded it.

          St. Martin's Minotaur 2004

Rhapsody in Blood         

Justice accompanies his friend Alexandra Templeton to the remote Haunted Springs Hotel, where they uncover evidence relating to a race-related murder that happened many years before. Justice is still on Prozac, and he's a mellower hero, though still putting himself in danger periodically. My favorites are still the earlier books.

          St. Martin's Minotaur 2006

Spider Season         

Benjamin Justice is back, with a new autobiographical book that raises hackles among a number of people.

          St. Martin's Minotaur 2008

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