R.D. Zimmerman

I met R.D. Zimmerman in the summer of 1997, when he spoke at the kickoff for Pride month in Fort Lauderdale. He was very nice, and it was interesting to hear how he felt that the hero in his "Trance" books (Red Trance, Blood Trance & Death Trance) never really came alive to him because he was unwilling to confront the hero's sexuality. He was about to "out" that hero when his editor suggested a new series with a gay hero.


Todd Mills is a closeted TV investigative reporter when his lover is murdered and he's outed in the media. Zimmerman does a great job of conveying Todd's shock and grief, though when he finally begins to clear his name, Todd turns into a worthy hero.

         Dell 1995


A few months have passed since Closet, and Todd is still trying to figure out what to do with his life when his best friend, a lesbian with whom he had a brief fling while in college, reveals she has a son and that he has entrusted her with the safety of his baby daughter. Todd gets drawn into the case, which illuminates a dark secret from his past. It's another light but well-plotted mystery, set like Closet in Minneapolis.

         Dell 1996


Gay activists kidnap a right-wing politician and threaten to infect him with the AIDS virus. I thought the characters of the activists were all strong and well-written, and the mystery was intriguing. What blew me away, however, was the revelation that Todd's lover, police detective Steve Rawlins, is HIV positive, and how both characters deal with this information. One of the terrific things about this series is the way in which the characters and their actions drive the plot complications. I highly recommend this one.

         Dell 1997          Dell 1998


Todd is set up to witness the murder of a gay cop, and the suspect is a transsexual named Kris/Christopher. I thought this was another strong entry in the series.

        Delacorte 1998


The death of a young runaway intersects with Todd's attempts to interview a Hollywood star who just might be gay. Boy, does Todd get tested in this one-- imagine a hunky Hollywood actor who strips and invites you into his hot tub! A really well-constructed mystery, as well as one that makes you think about relationships... and lust!

        Delacorte 1999

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