Mark Richard Zubro

Mark Richard Zubro is one of my favorites in this genre, probably because I've fallen for his two heroes, schoolteacher Tom Mason and his lover, baseball superstar Scott Carpenter. The interplay between them is sweet and also sexy and the backgrounds, in suburban Chicago, are well done. I also like the domestic complications in police detective Paul Turner's life. I've divided the books into the two separate series.
The Tom and Scott mysteries:

A Simple Suburban Murder        

The first in the series. Chicago area high school teacher Tom Mason discovers the body of a colleague in his classroom. To clear the main suspect, a former student, he and his lover delve into child homosexual prostitution and snuff movies.

         St. Martin's 1989

Why Isn't Becky Twitchell Dead?        

Good question! Becky is a really obnoxious suburban kid, and her classmates start turning up dead, until Tom and Scott get on the case.

         St. Martin's 1990          St. Martin's 1991

The Only Good Priest        

Friends approach school teacher Tom Mason and ask him to investigate the death of Father Sebastian, who was involved in the gay Catholic organization Faith. It's another opportunity to see the interplay between Tom and his lover, baseball star Scott Carpenter, and the characters get deeper and more interesting in each outing. I love the way Tom and Scott are both macho guys, each in his own way, and yet they're both surprisingly vulnerable.

         St. Martin's 1991

The Principal Cause of Death        

Dan Bluefield is one rotten kid. He's angry, dumb, disruptive and homophobic. But is he a killer? And if he didn't kill the principal at River's Edge High, then who did? Tom and Scott are on the case, to clear Tom's name. It's clear from this effort that Zubro really knows his way around a high school, and he should, as he's a teacher.

          St. Martin's 1992         St. Martin's 1993

An Echo of Death      

Glen Proctor is bad news. Son of a wealthy couple, he was once a teammate of Scott's, and for some reason he has come to them for help. Then turned up dead in Scott's penthouse apartment. Tom and Scott are taken on a wild ride as they try to figure out what happened to Glen-- and why so many different people want to kill them. Complicated but fast-moving.

          St. Martin's 1994         St. Martin's 1995

Rust on the Razor     
Tom and Scott return to Scott's home town for a visit, and when the local sheriff is found dead in their rental car, suspicion turns to Tom. After all, he's the one who corrupted their local hero. Because he himself is suspected, Tom doesn't get to do as much as he usually does, and the book suffers a little. But all the stuff about Scott and his family is very moving.

         St. Martin's 1996

Are You Nuts?     
Tom's friend Meg is accused of beating a union foe over the head in the school library with an encyclopedia volume, but she doesn't seem to want to cooperate in her defense, leaving all the work up to our hero.

        St. Martin's 1998

One Dead Drag Queen    

Tom's hurt in this newest entry, and Scott is forced to be the detective. I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

        St. Martin's 2000

Here Comes the Corpse     

It's Tom and Scott's Big Gay Wedding, and they've pulled out all the stops-- until a corpse shows up in the bathroom at the reception. I loved this book, and particlarly loved Tom and Scott's willingness to step up to the plate and be gay role models.

         St. Martin's 2002

File Under Dead     

Tom's volunteering at a counseling center when he discovers the severed head of the bitchy directory in a file drawer.

         St. Martin's 2004         

Everyone's Dead But Us     

Tom and Scott are vacationing at an exclusive all gay- resort on a Greek isle when the owner turns up dead. Great cover!

         St. Martin's Minotaur 2006

Schooled in Murder      

Tom becomes a suspect in the murder of a fellow teacher when he discovers her body in a stockroom. Then it's up to him and Scott to clear his name.

         St. Martin's 2008         

The Paul Turner mysteries:

Sorry Now?        

This book introduces Detective Paul Turner, a gay father of two who is also a homicide cop in Chicago. The daughter of a prominent right-wing minister is murdered, and Paul connects this homicide to others, where the same comment-- "Sorry now?" -- has been left. The murderers know how to go right for Paul's Achilles heel-- his two sons, one of whom has spina bifida.

         St. Martin's 1991         St. Martin's 1992

Political Poison        

Turner investigates the death of a prominent alderman, with the help of his friend, Rose Talucci, who is almost a surrogate grandmother to his sons.

         St. Martin's 1993         St. Martin's 1994

Another Dead Teenager     
The murder of two suburban teenagers hits close to home for Paul-- after all, his son Brian is a star athlete, like the two boys who died. Danger mounts as Paul gets more into the investigation, and he realizes that his own son may be in danger.

         St. Martin's 1995         St. Martin's 1996

The Truth Can Get You Killed     

Detective Paul Turner and his partner, Buck Fenwick, investigate the death of a homophobic federal judge. Though he is reluctant at first, because he fears that his dislike of the man's politics will interfere with his investigation, Turner plunges in. One of the things that has bothered me about this series is that someone close to Turner usually gets in danger-- and I'm glad that's not the case here. A good solid mystery; I liked it.

         St. Martin's 1997         

Drop Dead     

Paul and his partner Buck Fenwick investigate the death of a gorgeous male model.

         St. Martin's 1999         

Sex and     

Two computer geeks engage in a sex game that gets them killed. Paul and Buck investigate.

         St. Martin's 2002         

Dead Egotistical Morons     

It's a fiendish sort of locked-room mystery for Paul and Buck; who could have killed the boy band singer in the shower? A fun look at sex and rock 'n' roll.

         St. Martin's 2003

Nerds Who Kill     

Murder at a science fiction gathering.

         St. Martin's 2005

Hook Line & Homicide     

Chicago cop Paul Turner, his partner, Buck Fenwick, and their families head to Canada for some fishing. And of course, homicide follows. Zubro's trademarked sense of humor is much in evidence here.

         St. Martin's Minotaur 2007

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