Gay Mysteries

Mysteries featuring gay detectives

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As you can probably tell, I love to read and write mysteries. In the course of trying to market Māhū, I compiled a list of mysteries featuring gay detectives, and I decided to present it here for others who may be interested. Each title is followed by its hardcover and then softcover publication dates. Where I've read the book I've included some information about it.

As the list has grown, I've struggled for a way to make it more user-friendly. The current scheme divides the books between "classics," those written by authors who are no longer writing in the genre, and "contemporaries," those authors whose books are more recent.

As I'm always reading, this section is always going to be under construction, though I haven't had the chance to update for some time. Happy reading!

Many of the books listed on these pages are available through For your convenience, I have set up links next to the books so that you can order them directly. If you use these links, will pay me a commission, and I'll be able to buy more books.
  • Abramson, Mark
  • Anable, Stephen
  • Aterovis, Josh
  • Bidulka, Anthony
  • Bloch, Jon P.
  • Boyd, Randy
  • Brown, P.A.
  • Copp, Rick
  • Craft, Michael
  • Craig, Daniel Edward
  • Grey, Dorien
  • Hartman, Keith
  • Herren, Greg
  • Hunter, Fred
  • Lanyon, Josh
  • Lilly, Greg
  • Nelson, Casey
  • Outland, Orland
  • Raphael, Lev
  • Rice, Christopher
  • Ryan, Garry
  • Scott, Phillip
  • Serah, Tonne
  • Sherman, Scott
  • Soles, Caro
  • Stevenson, Richard
  • Stukas, David
  • Wilson, John Morgan
  • Wood, Nick
  • Zimmerman, R.D.
  • Zito, Chuck
  • Zubro, Mark Richard
  • Classic
  • Adams, Derek
  • Aldyne, Nathan
  • Baxt, George
  • Beadle, Jeremy
  • Brown, Russell
  • Cooke, John Peyton
  • Cutler, Stan
  • Dewitt, Ben
  • Fennelly, Tony
  • Gilbert, W. Stephen
  • Hansen, Joseph
  • Johnson, Steve
  • Keegan, Mel
  • Kraus, Krandall
  • Michaels, Grant
  • Nava, Michael
  • Phillips, Edward
  • Ricardo, Jack