Links of Interest

New player in the lineup-- publisher of the Angus Green series

Publishers of the Mahu series as well as the M/M romance

Publisher of the Have Body, Will Guard series as well as the M/M romances The Guardian Angel of South Beach and Mi Amor

Publisher of my short fiction and the novel The Outhouse Gang

My book blog, about how Māhū got published, the publishing process, and how I'm learning to promote it.

I'm a past president of the Florida chapter of Mystery Writers of America

Anthony Bidulka, the author of the Russell Quant mystery series, is a talented gay mystery writer with a very nice site, at Anthony's a charming guy, and that charm is so evident in his writing, which is witty and eminently readable.

Tony also interviewed my hero, Honolulu homicide detective Kimo Kanapa'aka, here.