Love on the Boil

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, and I've used Penn as part of the back story for Darren Carter and Eddie Gonzalez, the heroes of Love on the Boil."

That's partly because the inspiration from the book comes from an article in the Pennsylvania Gazette, Penn's alumni magazine, about an alumna who started a business quite similar to the one that Darren and Eddie do. That company, Owl's Brew, sells tea-based cocktail mixers. It was a lot of fun to try out the Owl's Brew mixes to get ideas for scenes in Love on the Boil.

As Eddie and Darren collaborate, they create a collection of tea-based cocktail mixers like the ones that Owl's Brew creates. Check them out for yourself and see if you think Eddie and Darren had a good idea!

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Here are some of the images that inspired the book.

This is what I think Eddie's Tio Eduardo looked like, back in the day The path leading down to the beach, and the beach itself The sign at the park entrance, and inside the park

The area where Darren and Eddie go running Another beach vista Darren's apartment building in North Beach