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Ghost Ship

After seven novels about Kimo and two collections of short stories, I decided to move Kimo and Ray to the FBI and let them investigate bigger cases than local homicides in Honolulu. I'd graduated from the FBI's Citizens Academy by then, so I had a good idea of the kind of cases that the Bureau investigates.

Starting with the previous book, the 8th in the series, Children of Noah, Kimo and Ray went on assignment to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, where local law enforcement agents from groups as varied as the Coast Guard, TSA, and military police work together.

Now, as their time at the FBI is drawing to a close, they're drawn into a case that will challenge Kimo in every way possible -- the death of a young family, with twins like Kimo and Mike's, who die when their sailboat containing nuclear materials crashes on the Leeward Coast of O'ahu.
The book will take Kimo away from Mike and their kids, away from the local knowledge he relies on, to cold climates and dangerous villains. Now available in ebook and print. Click here to order from MLR (where I get the most royalties), from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

The Next One Will Kill You

The world's a tough place for an FBI agent, especially a young one fresh out of Quantico, accustomed to viewing the world through the lens of an accounting spreadsheet.

Assigned to South Florida for his first posting, Angus Green is worlds away from his hardscrabble upbringing in Scranton, PA. He has to cope with ethnic distinctions he's never considered, a multitude of foreign languages spoken around him, and a range of crimes and criminals that boggles his mind.

While investigating a jewelry heist with its roots in Fort Lauderdale's gay neighborhoods, Angus must learn how to use his education, his intelligence and his good looks without losing track of who he is and what he stands for.
The street quickly teaches him that the only way to face a challenge is to assume that he'll survive this one--that it'll be the next one that will kill him.

The Next One Will Kill You is available in print and e-book from Diversion Books. Click here to order it from, or here for links to other major retailers. I've also already seen the paperback on the shelves at Barnes & Noble.

Honest to Dog

When his college friend Doug moves to Stewart's Crossing after an ugly divorce, reformed computer hacker Steve Levitan sees a way to pay forward the help he received under similar circumstances. But when Doug dies under mysterious circumstances, Steve and his crime-solving golden retriever Rochester have a new goal: Find the truth behind Doug's death, even if Steve has to risk the freedom he has fought so hard for to do it.

Contains Ponzi schemers, a Quaker funeral and cute jump drives shaped like llamas.

Click here to order from, in ebook or print; here for Barnes & Noble; and here for Kobo.

"Riding the Tiger" in Happy Homicides 5

When Joanna Campbell Slan and Linda Hengerer announced that the fifth edition of Happy Homicides was going to focus on cats and crime, I thought it would be fun to see Rochester interact with a feline friend.

I know exactly how Brody and Griffin react when they see one of our neighborhood cats - they want to play! So of course Rochester will feel the same way, especially when the cat wants to lead him into trouble.

The story was inspired by a former student of mine. He was a smart kid and a good writer and I could tell he was going places-though jail wasn't one of those places I thought he'd end up. A few years after he left my class, he showed up in the Miami Herald as a suspect in a case involving stolen bitcoins, a digital payment system. I was proud that one of my students was involved in something so cutting-edge-and that he was savvy enough to negotiate himself out of criminal charges by offering to teach the police about bitcoins and how they can be manipulated.

Love on the Pitch

Fourth in my "Love On" series, Love on the Pitch also derives from my erotica collection Three Lambs -- but with a difference. The short story "Bull-Headed" is told in first person by one of the frat guys, Thom Lodge, who is assigned to tutor football player Warren Updegrove in math. Warren is big, abrasive and bull-headed, and it takes a while for Warren to overcome his internalized homophobia and plant a deep kiss on his tutor.

They have sex a couple of times (of course, it's erotica) but that's it. Warren is headed for the NFL and not going to let anything derail him. But it was Warren who stayed with me, Warren's struggle that interested me, so Warren's the star of Love on the Pitch. After playing in for the Jacksonville Jaguars for a year, Warren is released from the team and returns to South Florida, where he drinks too much and loses his pro conditioning. Thom is his only pal in town, a "friend with benefits."
When Warren meets former Olympian Victor Ragazzo and joins Victor's gay rugby team, he falls hard-but will Victor's baggage bring down their budding relationship? Will Thom ever step off the sidelines and declare his love for Warren-or watch his BFF ruin his life with a jerk?

Click here to order the e-book from Loose Id. You can also order it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or the iTunes store. For a preview from Amazon, click here.

See You Soon?

Three local events:

Wednesday June 14, at 6:30 PM I'll be at the West Regional Library, 8601 W. Broward Boulevard in Plantation with my BC colleague, Dr. Chase Dimock. Our topic is "Sharing Queer Voices, Then and Now."

Chase does a great presentation on the pioneers of gay publishing, and I'll tag along with a presentation on small presses and self publishing for LGBTQ authors.

On June 22, 2017 at 7 PM I'll be at the Oakland Park Library, 1298 NE 37th Street, Oakland Park, FL 33334 with poet Caridad Moro. Both of these events are celebrations of Pride Month.

And on Thursday October 19, also at 7 PM, I'll be speaking at the Stonewall Gallery. It's located at 2157 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors, and I hope to be talking about NOBODY RIDES FOR FREE, the second Angus Green book, which is due out in October.

Now in Audio

If you like audiobooks, I hope you'll consider mine.

The Golden Retriever Mysteries
#1 - In Dog We Trust at Amazon or ibooks
#2 - The Kingdom of Dog at Amazon or ibooks
#3 - Dog Helps Those at Amazon or ibooks
#4 - Dog Bless You at Amazon or ibooks
#5 - Whom Dog Hath Joined at Amazon or ibooks
#6 - Dog Have Mercy at Amazon or ibooks
# 7 - Honest to Dog at Amazon or ibooks

Have Body, Will Guard
#1 - Three Wrong Turns in the Desert at Audible or ibooks
# 2 - Dancing with the Tide at Audible or ibooks
# 3 - Teach Me Tonight at Audible or ibooks
#4 - Olives for the Stranger at Audible or ibooks

Genie for Hire: A Biff Andromeda Mystery at Amazon or ibooks
The Cat Who Got Married and Other Purr-fectly Romantic Stories at Amazon

Cleis has created audiobook editions of the anthologies I've edited for them:
Hard Hats (Amazon or ibooks),
Surfer Boys (Amazon or ibooks),
Beach Bums (Amazon or ibooks),
Sexy Sailors (Amazon or ibooks),
Model Men (Amazon or ibooks)
The Handsome Prince (Amazon or ibooks).


I translated my award-winning story "Christmas in Honolulu" into French, then hired a copy editor to make sure that if my college French teacher read it she wouldn't scream in horror. "Un Noel Hawaiien" is now available as an ebook through The same story in German, "Weihnachten auf Honolulu," is available as well. The Italian translation of the first golden retriever mystery is available, as is translation into Brazilian Portuguese.


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