George Clay Mysteries

Meet George Clay, Gay PI in Miami Beach in 1969

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"Cabbage Key"

 I have three short mystery stories about George Clay coming out in 2022. The first, "Cabbage Key," appeared on February 1 in the anthology Cupid Shot Me. George and his boyfriend, wealthy Cuban emigre Alex Reyes, just want to spend a romantic Valentine's Day away from prying eyes that might challenge their relationship

Unfortunately, danger follows them across the state to Cabbage Key, a remote island off the west coast (where years later Jimmy Buffett would write the song "Cheeseburger in Paradise"). In his introduction, Michael Nava, one of the best living writers of gay mysteries, cited this story as one of his favorites. I was thrilled!


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 "Oyster Creek"

Ever since I joined Mystery Writers of America and learned that they regularly published short fiction anthologies, it has been one of my bucket list items to get a story accepted. This year was the charm, when editor S.J. Rozan accepted "Oyster Creek" for the anthology Crime Hits Home.

This story begins as George gets a call from his father-- his mother was killed in a hit and run accident. George drives to his family home in Tidewater Maryland to mourn his mother. But he can't help investigating her death, and what he learns about her, and about himself, will shock him.

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 "Heir Apparent"

Though it is the second published George Clay story, it's actually the first I wrote. I was asked by editor Michael Bracken to contribute a story to an anthology called Groovy Gumshoes: Private Eyes in the Psychedelic Sixties

That's how I began thinking of George. After so many years talking about Kimo and his tongue-twisting last name, I wanted George to have a solid, salt-of-the-earth name, like Clay. He's a former Master-At-Arms in the Navy, so he has some experience of the world, and of policing, but he knows as a gay man he'd never be accepted as a cop. So he becomes a private eye on Miami Beach.

As the story begins, he's asked to disocver if a wealthy gay man's boytoy is cheating on him, The investigation will lead him in a surprising direction and reflects how Miami Beach is changing in these times.

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