birthday cake with text

Yes, it's my birthday, but you get the gifts! The event will begin on Tuesday, August 23 at 12:01 AM EST and end on Saturday, August 27 at midnight EST.

Each day, there will be five presents up for grabs-- for a total of 65 altogether. The prizes are all dog-related, though I'm staying away from anything like nutrition, and treats, because I know many dog parents are very careful about what they feed or otherwise give to their K-9 kids. If you win, you'll be sent the link to a Google Doc, where you can choose among the prizes available that day. 

To enter, all you have to do is click here: That will take you to BookFunnel, where you can download your free copy of my golden retriever short story, "Dog Rising." That will automatically sign you up for my golden retriever newsletter. Each day I'll choose one grand-prize winner and twelve winners of runner-up gifts. If you don't win, your name stays in the hat for future days-- though you can only win once.

This promotion is intended to encourage new readers to sign up for my newsletter. But I don't want to penalize my existing readers, so if you're already on my list, you can still get the free story and enter the contest, and we won't duplicate your address for the newsletter.

Each day, we'll draw thirteen random winners. One will receive that day's grand prize, while the others will receive one of the fabulous dog-related items found below the grand prizes.

Tuesday August 23

tuff pupper

Grand Prize: Tuff Pupper self-cleaning loose fur brush

This is the brush we use on our goldens. They love it, and it takes off a ton of hair. We always joke that after grooming Brody and Griffin, we have enough fur for a starter kit for a new puppy.


Wednesday August 24

higo dog collar 

Grand Prize:

HIGO LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Glowing Pet Collar

If you're like us, or like Steve and Rochester in the golden retriever mysteries, you're out walking your dog after dark. In our community, driving can be like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disney, dodging parked cars, trash cans, kids on scooters out way past their bedtime, and of course, dogs and their humans. We use these collars, easily rechargable, to make our dogs more visible at night. Winner gets their choice of color!


August 25: My birthday!

Pet MD eye wipes 

Grand Prize: Pet MD - Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes.

Not the sexiest gift, but maybe one of the most practical. Our vet is always pleased at how clean Brody's and Griffin's ears are when they go in for checkups. This is the brand we use, and both boys tolerate them well.

Friday August 26


Nylabone Power Chew Dog Bone for Aggressive Chewers

Brody loves to chew, and he can destroy a stuffed toy within hours. So we have found that Nylabone makes the best, sturdiest chew toys for him. He carries them between the first and second floor, up on the sofa or up on the bed, and it's lovely to see him enjoying himself while satifsying his natural urge to chew. And the ridges and nubs help clean his teeth, which is a plus! 

* Winner may choose size and flavor

Saturday August 27: Last Chance!

pet eye wipes 

Natural Essentials Pet Eye Stain Wipes

Our dogs are white, so when they get black tear stains or eye crud, it's really visible. We use these gentle cleaners to wipe away their tears and keep their faces healthy.

100 Count canister of unscented 100% natural cotton cat wipes and dog cleaning wipes. Prevent Dog tear stains before they occur. Smilin' Eyes hypoallergenic dog wipes are safe for furry pets. Natural Essentials Pet ingredients made with Eyebright, Aloe Vera and Chamomile.

Additional Daily Prizes


my doggy place towel dog snood dog nail clipper and file teething sticks
 My Doggy Place Microfiber Dog Towel  Vokiuler Anxiety Relief Dog Snood  Petting Town Large Dog Nail Clippers with File  N-Bone Peanut Butter PuppyTeething Sticks
 paw soother stick  dog blanket  toothbrush toothpaste  bath gloves
 Natural Dog Company Paw Soother Stick Dog Blanket  Arm & Hammer Dog Toothbrush & Toothpaste Dog Bath Gloves
 mr pen dog water bottle  collapsible dog bowls  water bottle cap  pet saliva towel
Mr. Pen dog water bottle Collapsible Dog Bowl, 2 Pack Traveling Kettle Ball deluxe water bottle cap Pet Saliva Towel
We reserve the right to substitute similar items based on availability. Use of these items is at your own risk; if you have problems with anything you should notify the manufacturer and/or the vendor.<.td>

Short Stories

It wasn't until I began writing gay erotica that anything got published-- and back then, I was confused and/or in the closet, so I published under the name Dirk Strong. I couldn't really tell anyone they were my stories at first, but I did make $75.00 each, and they were fun to write. It was exciting to get something in print after trying for so long.

All these stories have been anthologized and you can read more about them here.

Crime Fiction

Cozy Crime Stories
The original Happy Homicides. Contains my short story "Dog Forbid." Steve, Lili and Rochester journey to Amish country over Thanksgiving with Joey, Mark and Brody. The Valentine's Day edition of Happy Homicides, vol. 2. In my story, "For the Love of Dog," a young woman's body is found in the space next to Gail's cafe. Steve and Rochester return to the Happy Homicides fold with "Riding the Tiger," in which Rochester chases a cat and once again leads Steve into trouble.
litter 2020 200 All three of these stories are also included in my anthology, A Litter of Golden Mysteries. Five other original stories and one piece of flash fiction fill in the gaps between stories and provide quick crimes for Steve and Rochester, the heroes of my golden retriever mysteries, to solve.

Short Crime Fiction

I have two pieces of short crime fiction coming soon. One of them will be in the summer edition of Guns and Tacos a serial fiction from Down and Out Books, and the other has been accepted for anthology about swinging sixties private eyes. I'll post information here when they're available.  
"Stepping Stones" is a creepy story I wrote for the Bronzeville Bee, which now seems to be defunct. I hope I didn't have anthing to do with that by writing a reverse Lolita-- a young boy who is being groomed by his stepfather, with gruesome results. I hope to make it available somewhere.   bronzeville bee

My story, "Djinn and Tonic", which appears in the Malice Domestic anthology Murder Most Conventional, begins this way:

There was real magic in the world, and false magic, and it took a genie to tell the difference. That was the basis of Biff Andromeda’s private investigation business – using his skills to grant wishes and solve problems for customers.

The shrill ring of his cell phone woke him from a very pleasant dream involving his girlfriend Farishta and a Turkish carpet that flew in lazy circles around the dome of the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul.

He grabbed the phone from the bedside table and groggily said, “Hello?”

“Biff? It’s Yegor Kleyman. Sorry to call you so early but I’m in terrible trouble and I need your help.”

 murder conventional

"Southernmost Point" is an Angus Green story in Florida Happens, the Bouchercon anthology. It begins this way:

It started with a selfie, and the drag queen who photo-bombed my boyfriend Lester and me.

Lester represents single-batch whiskeys, based out of Fort Lauderdale, where we both live. His region extends all the way to Key West, and one weekend in January he had a couple of promotions set up at bars on Duval Street, in the center of the entertainment district. I had a couple of days’ vacation coming to me from the FBI, where I work as a Special Agent attached to the Violent Crimes Task Force, so I took them and went along for the ride.

 florida happens

"Public Relations" appears in the Great Filling Station Holdup anthology, a collection of crime fiction based on the songs of Jimmy Buffett. Mine comes from a song in the Broadway musical, Don't Stop the Carnival, and begins this way:

When Dick Jeffries was caught on camera barebacking a young male exotic dancer, I kicked into full damage control mode. It wasn’t just that he was a married man and a member of the WASP establishment—he was the CEO of a company that made and marketed condoms.

As soon as Dick notified me, I flew to New York from my home on St. Thomas and took an Uber to his penthouse apartment on Central Park West. It was a bitter cold January day, and by five o’clock the sun was already setting. Was that a metaphor for the end of Dick’s career, and perhaps even my own as his PR consultant? I sure as hell hoped not.

 filling station

Short Literary Fiction

My career writing literary fiction kicked off when I attended a writer's workshop at LIU-Southampton where I studied with Russell Banks, fresh from his success with Continental Drift. I had been living in Miami for a little under a year, and already South Florida had started to get under my skin. He assigned us a series of short exercises-- describe a person, describe a place, and so on. One of those was to think of a place your character would never go, and then think of a reason that would make him or her go there.

I wrote about this biker bar in Key Largo called The Caribbean Club, which allegedly had appeared in the Bogart & Bacall film To Have and Have Not. I kind of wanted to go there, because of the Hemingway connection, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. When I finally put all those exercises together, I ended up with a short story called "Angel Dust." I submitted it to a short story contest being run by South Florida magazine (now sadly defunct). I won!

At last, a story in a mainstream magazine! Of course, they edited the hell out of it,] without asking me, and even changed the name to "My Cousin's Keeper." And I don't think they even paid me. From then on, I started publishing short stories in magazine and anthologies. The stories from that period are:

at the diner
  • "At The Diner" - In The Family magazine, Winter 2003

  • "Japanese Time" at Verbsap. Well, this story isn't exactly new; I wrote the first draft of it over thirty years ago. I attended the Bread Loaf Writer's Conference three times-- in 1979, 1982, and 1992, though this story probably came out of my first or second trip there, hanging out around the piano in the barn. It took a long time before I really knew what to do with it. The editor at Verbsap was great at helping me figure out exactly how to make it work. 

  • "Rashomon at Green Park Tube Station" originally published at, a short-lived gay and lesbian literary website run by Angela Faith Brown. This is a very different type of story for me, very experimental in form. It takes its inspiration from the movie Rashomon, by Akira Kurosawa, in which the same event is described by different people who witness it.

sarasota scene

I began "What She Left" a long time ago, but only a few years ago did I find a place for it in Sarasota Scene magazine. It's about two brothers discovering the legacy left to them at a beachfront cottage.

  "The Angel Fenstermacher" is another story I wrote long ago, inspired by my travels around South Beach on Friday and Saturday evenings, when the streets were filled with Orthodox men in black hats and coats on their way to or from shul. I was lucky to get it included in an issue of Inspicio magazine.

Romantic Fiction

christmas shift 200 A few years ago, MLR Press was putting together a group of reindeer shifter stories for Christmas. Mine was called Christmas Shift, and it's about a young EMT who helps pull Santa's sled, and the rest of the year uses his skills to help patients in remote wilderness rescue operations. What happens, though, when his boyfriend asks him to come to Florida with him?
 cat who cover 200

My friend Caren Neile was editing mini-magazines for the Globe, a tabloid newspaper, and asked me to contribute a story for an edition focused on cats and romance. I ended up writing a second for a later edition. The cat in the stories, Pilar, was modeled after my friend Pam's Hemmie, a Hemingway cat with six toes, descended from dozens who roamed around Hemingway's house in Key West. Pilar is an Abyssinian, a breed with a lot of dog-like qualities, and it was fun to write these two stories about her.

  • "The Cat in the Bouquet" as "A Christmas Wedding" in The Cat Came Home For Christmas mini-mag, 1995

  • The Cat Who Went North - The Cat Who Loved Christmas mini-mag, 1994

Eventually I collected these two stories, and three other literary short stories, into The Cat Who Got Married. One of my favorite stories, The Temple of Lights, is in that collection, inspired by my experiences landing at Philadelphia International Airport and seeing a glowing building in the distance. Another story, "A New Palace for Rajah," was a way to remember my friend Vicki Van Lieu's family cat, a very regal one with a glossy black coat.

Inspiration strikes at all different times. I clearly remember driving on I-95 north, passing through the city of Miami, when I heard a voice in my head that said "I lost my aunt at the grand opening of the new shopping center last Wednesday." And I knew immediately the speaker had a very simple voice, in which she'd express the meaning of "lost" in two ways. She and her aunt were separated in the crowd-- and then her aunt died, leaving Ima Jean to say that sentence. Ima Jean was such fun to write about that I wrote two stories about her as she finds her way in the world on her own, for the first time.


bouchercon 2022

I'll be at Bouchercon in Minneapolis in September.

PANEL NAME: Woof Da: Crime Fighting K9s

DESCRIPTION: Mysteries featuring crime-fighting K9s

TIME/DATE: 10:15-11A, Thursday

LIST OF OTHER PANELISTS: Margaret Mizushima; Cary Griffith; Kathleen Donnelly; Neil S. Plakcy; Sara Driscoll; Jeffrey B. Burton

PANEL NAME: Pet Friends and Mayhem: Cozies and Pet Companions

DESCRIPTION: Human's best friend takes a starring role in these cozy mysteries.

TIME/DATE: 4:15-5P, Saturday

LIST OF OTHER PANELISTS: Jessica Ellicott; Darlene Dziomba; Barbara J. Collins; Neil S. Plakcy; Sparkle Abbey 

Hope to see you there!