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Aidan and Liam return in The Most Expensive Spice



After reading about refugees in camps in France, I knew that I wanted Aidan and Liam to help one of them. I had the idea of Ekram helping them at their house for a long time, but it was only when I came up with Rafi and knew what was going on with him that the book started to come together.

And yet, when I began writing, it was about Rafi and his situation. I had to go back, over and over again, to write the Ekram chapters to bring him to the point when he could join the story. I was very nervous about that-- would Ekram be the kind of character readers would embrace, and give him the space to develop until he could meet up with the bodyguards and get involved in Rafi's case.

Ekram's character was also difficult to write, because his background is so different from mine. I had to learn a lot about Islam, and the political troubles in Syria, in order to make him believable. I hope you'll be interested in his struggle, and his romance with Rafi (and of course how Aidan and Liam save their charges once again!)

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